The firm’s criminal practice focus on litigation and criminal defense of so-called “white-collar” crimes, on all kinds of frauds and the civil responsibility that comes with them, and, broadly, on the prosecution or criminal responsibility linked to corporations. The Litigation team is known for its intervention whether as plaintiffs or defendants in complex criminal disputes which require permanent coordination with the firm’s different fields. Through those efforts the criminal team constitutes a major support for our firm’s other fields of practice inter alia natural resources or bankruptcy law. The Litigation team has concrete experience before the different public prosecutors’ offices, guarantee courts and oral criminal courts in the country as well as before the different Courts of Appeal and Supreme Court. Furthermore the team has correspondent lawyers all over Chile and its members are renowned in the forum because of their experience in the public prosecutors’ offices and courts. Attorneys have participated at courts in key ponzi schemes cases with international entanglement such as “Onix/Arcano” and “Ac Inversions”.